Pattern for providing external React widgets for integration into React apps

More an more web pages are using React. This is also true for service providers which you can use to add a specific feature to your web page. Software that you might add using this way may be a chat application, a bug tracker, a video service and so on. So we more commonly will... Continue Reading →


Running Kodak Scanmate i940 with Linux

I just want to share some insights about using the Scanmate i940 scanner using a linux distribution.  Kodak is claiming Linux support for that scanner and is providing a driver here.On its website Kodak states that specifically Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is supported. But this is only partially true. Here is what I found out about... Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 on the Omnibook 4150B

I successfully upgraded this pre 2000 laptop to Fedora 20. Everything went smooth. You can hardly see a difference. Still, the laptop is missing a usage because of its slowness. Even watching videos became hardly possible after some acceleration drivers for the old mach64 chipset had been removed from Xorg. The situation will become worse... Continue Reading →

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