Fedora 20 on the Omnibook 4150B

I successfully upgraded this pre 2000 laptop to Fedora 20. Everything went smooth. You can hardly see a difference. Still, the laptop is missing a usage because of its slowness. Even watching videos became hardly possible after some acceleration drivers for the old mach64 chipset had been removed from Xorg. The situation will become worse... Continue Reading →

Fedora 19 on hardware of the last century

Another six month have passed, so my good old laptop from pre-2000 got another update.  I updated the already running fedora 18 to fedora 19 by using the fedUp tool. The update took longer than on more recent systems (of course) but it worked flawlessly. After that I booted into the LXDE desktop of Fedora... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 13.04 and Fedora 18 on the Wetab

You might remember this tablet that came out from Germany in parallel with the iPad. It's more or less a netbook with a touchscreen but without a keyboard. It hat some drawbacks, the worst in my opinion is the bad screen. You can switch the small SSD in it, but you cannot replace the screen.... Continue Reading →

Fixing ath9k on resume

When I buyed my eee-pc 1005-HA two years ago, the built in Atheros chipset was a pain. With the drivers of that time, the connection quality was bad. Exspecially after resuming from suspend or hibernate, the wireless simply was not able to connect anymore. Unloading and reloading the ath9k module always fixed it. Luckily the... Continue Reading →

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